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“Working with Layman Poupard has been a pleasure. Everyone on staff has been very professional, with prompt, clear communication and a commitment to excellence. Their editors have been incredibly receptive to feedback and made me feel that my efforts were genuinely valued. ” –  Academic Advisor Karen Wooley Martin, Union University


“Just today received the fine volume including Thomas Mann. In my modest opinion this is one of the most useful entries on TM to be found anywhere. I hope this will be recognized for the excellent work that it is thanks to the meticulous and creative editing of your staff and others. – Academic Advisor James N. Hardin, co-founder of Camden House Publishing

0018_books-small__CWJ2674Layman Poupard Publishing is seeking peer reviewers for forthcoming entries in volumes of the Literature Criticism Series published by Gale, Cengage Learning. Reviewers will be asked to vet an 1800-word background essay and a primary works checklist. They will also be asked to recommend published critical essays to be reprinted in the entry. Reviewers will be credited in print and paid an honorarium. Academic affiliation is required.

To apply, please send a short vita with cover letter describing your research interests to

Current needs are:

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Author Entries

  • Charles Baxter
  • Virginie Despentes
  • Marie Redonnet
  • Laurent Cantet
  • Christoph Ransmayr
  • Carlos Guillermo Wilson


Children’s Literature Review

Author Entries

  • Melvin Burgess
  • Janet McDonald
  • Noah Webster


Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

Author Entries

  • Peter Lombard
  • Li Qingzhao (Li Ch’ing-Chao)
  • Abraham Abulafia
  • Walter Burley
  • Aelius Donatus
  • Lu Ji
  • Shi Nai’an


Literature Criticism  1400-1800

Author Entries

  • Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac
  • Georg Philipp Harsdorffer
  • Guillaume-Thomas Francois Raynal
  • Johann Scheffler


Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism

Author Entries

  • Mary Howitt
  • Cyprian Kamil Norwid
  • Hippolyte Taine


Poetry Criticism

Author Entries

  • John Barclay
  • Giambattista Basile


Short Story Criticism

Author Entries

  • Mavis Gallant
  • William Dean Howells
  • Fritz Leiber


Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism

Author Entries

  • Chaim Nachman Bialik
  • Ella Deloria
  • Lord Dunsany
  • C. P. Snow

Single Work Entries

  • Crick Crack, Monkey by Merle Hodge